Lincolnshire Kofukan Karate Clubs

Lincoln club has been established since late sixty’s practicing shito-ryu karate within Kofukan International.

Kofukan Shito-Ryu

Shito-ryu, along with goju-ryu, wado-ryu and shotokan, is one of the four major karate systems of Japan. 

We are a traditional karate based style incorporating competition aspects within the training.


Aims of Kofukan Shito-Ryu Karate 

1.    Cultivate good personality and strong character

2.    Preserve correct techniques and katas

3.    Promote friendship among members

 Instruction Principles 

1.    Respect the values of the  traditional katas

2.    Unified study of kata and kumite

3.    Scientific approach in analysing techniques 

Technical Principles

 1. Do not make any unnecessary movements

2. Do not use any unnecessary force

3. Use the whole body to perform techniques 

Dojo Kun (Motto)

 ¨       Reigi         Etiquette

¨       Sonkei       Respect

¨       Nintai        Perseverance

¨       Doryoku    Effort

¨       Sozo          Creativity

¨       Yuki          Courage