Lincoln Karate clubs medal

Lincoln Kofukan karate clubs, 

Lincoln, Welton, and Lincoln University Karate clubs 

were strongly represented 





Competitors from all over the world 

Europe, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Nepal and many more.

Portuguese National television and members the Olympic committee also in attendance for the two day event it was electric.  

The events started with KATA (set of prearranged forms with complex defensive and offensive fighting techniques passed down by passed Masters).

Ryan Quinn Lincoln University club/ Lincoln Club, First time competing abroad putting on an excellent performance.

All 31 competitors had to perform two kata’s of which were judged on a points system  the top eight then go through to the knock out stage.  Ryan Quinn comfortably getting though to the knock out stage went on to beat  Maxence Pithon France then to meet fellow England Squad member Denis Koltsov  Quinn being the new kid on the block was up against a lot more experienced Koltsov both performing the same kata. Quinn getting 2 of the 5 flags put up an excellent performance to come away with Bronze Medal.

Male Kumite (fighting) – Under 84 kg Quinn  Came up against  Brett Ferrira  S Africa in a very hard fought match but Ferrira too strong and experienced for Quinn, Ferrira then went on to silver medal. Leaving Quinn to fight off against Nuno Mestre Portugal this being a one sided match and Quinn coming away with a second  Bronze medal.

Callum Dye Welton club /Lincoln club Callum as previously Silver medalled in Kumite (fighting) at this level in Japan 2006 as 14 year old. Now competing in the 16/17 category’s which are of very high standards. Dye’s strength and passion is in Kumite (fighting) but he as come along way with Kata and making selection in kata as well as Kumite. Dye put on a strong performance in the kata. Out of 31 entries Dye  managed the top eight to go through to the knock out stage.  His next opponent proved to strong but this has given Dye a big boost to develop his kata side more.

Next was Dye’s strongest event Kumite (fighting) getting through to the quarter finals comeing up against Russian Ilian Shubin, Shubin being typical Russian fighter very strong and determined but out classed by Dye. Dye’s next opponent this year’s  silver medallist  Ryan Oliver South Africa this being a very close match Dye losing by 2 points to 1 to go into the repechage for Bronze medal. Dye with absolute determination sweeping the floor with Pedro Silva  Portugal to take Bronze Medal.

Also representing England were Local Instructors / Coaches Tracey Archer 3rd Dan  (Welton /Lincoln clubs) and Garry Pettit 6th Dan Kofukan National under 18 coach, Senior instructor for Lincolnshire clubs. 

Tracey Archer 3rd Dan English National Judge and Provisional Referee (to have final assessment at the English National Championships Ponds Forge this coming weekend). 

Archer was refereeing and judging all events including finals both Saturday and Sunday being commended as being strong and decisive as an official. Tracey is also Callum Dye’s club coach an assisting in coaching Ryan Quinn Tracey has proved a very important part of the Kofukan England Squad.

Garry Pettit 6th  Dan  

As Coach on the Saturday for all the England Squad a very busy day ensued starting with meetings on the Friday then a 9am kick off making sure everyone had everything they needed, all questioned asked and competitors knowing which of the five areas they would be starting at. Trying to be there for all competitors was challenging and priority went to the youngest and most in experienced.

With all English competitors competing only on the Saturday Pettit was requested to judge and referee on the Sunday.

Ryan Quinn      Senior Men’s Kata         Bronze

Men’s Kumite - 84kg      Bronze

Callum Dye      16/17yrs Kumite            Bronze

 At the opening ceremony with Portuguese TV, members of the IOC all countries paraded in to the main arena. With this being a special championships it that it was our 40th Anniversary special presentations were made to few long standing senior grades that have contributed to the development of Kofukan Internationally.

Master  Shihan Tomiyama was awarded 8th dan by Sensei Inagaki of Japan on behalf of Kofukan International /Japan  .

Garry Pettit was awarded his 6th Dan along with 6 other’s from around the world.

This has proven very good for the Lincolnshire clubs of Lincoln Welton and Lincoln University.

Competitors on Officials will be participating in the upcoming English Championships other national competitions But will be working hard in preparation for Kofukan World  2013 to be held in South Africa.

The Lincoln and Welton clubs are always looking for new members of all ages and abilities. We are a Traditional Karate with Traditional values that also take part in the competition side of martial arts. We have regular training with Japanese instruction member of the ENGLISH KARATE FEDERATION and do some training within the local schools.

Anyone wanting more information please contact Garry Pettit on 07932682855 or