GARRY PETTIT Roku DAN ( 6th Dan Shito-Ryu Karate )

1973 Started Training 1973
1974 Shukokai National Championships 3rd Place KATA
1975 Shukokai National Championships 2nd Place KATA 3rd Place Kumite
1976 Represented England at Shukokai European championships individual events and member of B team
1977 Started instructing at the Newark club.

1978 Achieved Shodan ( 1st Black belt )

1979 Passed Newark club onto Newark Black belt Brian Dobbs.
Represented England at European Championships 3rd place team.
Started Karate club at RAF Waddington.

1980 Shukokai national championships 3rd place kumite team

1981 Achieved Nidan. ( 2nd Black belt )

1982 Represented England at European championships
Individual events and member of A team gained 2nd place

1983 RAF Waddington club closed all students posted away due too the demise of the Vulcan.

1984 Started managing and instructing at the Lincoln club.

1985 Achieved Sandan ( 3rd Black Belt )

1986 Northern area open championships 2nd place.
Achieved national grading officer status

1987 Passed MAC Self-Defence Course.

1995 Achieved Yondan (4th Black Belt).

1997 Awarded certificate for exceptional service to Kofukan England at 25th Anniversary – World Championships.
1998 Selected National under 18 coach (Kofukan England)

2001 Started New Club at Lincoln University.

2002 Achieved Godan ( 5th Black belt ) In Paris.

2006 Awarded Lincolnshire Sports Partnership Performance Coach 2006.

2007 Appointed senior Karate Coach for RAF Karate Squad.
2008 Hosted Kofukan World Championships Lincoln University.
2009 Awarded certificate for exceptional service by Master Tani at world championships Japan.
2010 Coach to the RAF karate squad beating the Army for the first time in 7years. 

2012 Awarded Rojudan 6th Dan at world championships Portugal.  


TRACEY ARCHER YONDAN (4th Dan Shito-Ryu Karate)


1990:  Started Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate in Lincoln with Garry Petitt 6th dan.

1998:  Achieved Shodan(1st Black belt)under Sensei Naoki Omi 7th dan & Keiji Tomiyama 7th Dan

1998:  I was approached to take on Welton Kofukan Karate Club, as the Club Instructor had to step down due his work.

2003 - Achieved Nidan under Sensei Naoki Omi 7th dan & Keiji Tomiyama 7th Dan

2005 - Kofukan International Tournament Lincoln – Senior Female Kata – Bronze (3rd)

2007 - Achieved Sandan under Sensei Naoki Omi 7th dan & Keiji Tomiyama 7th Dan

April 2007 -  The Lincolnshire Sports Volunteer Award Evening - Awarded a Silver Plate Trophy for Outstanding Service           to  Voluntary Sport In Lincolnshire by Gelders Builders with Lincoln Sports Partnership.

Feb 2010 - Welbeck Sixth Form Defence College Tournament - Black Belt Kata Mixed GOLD (1st)

Sept 2010 - EKF Kumite Judge ‘B’ from Dale Gamble EKF Chief Referee

Apr 2011 - EKF Kumite Judge ‘A’ from Dale Gamble EKF Chief Referee

Apr 2011 - EKF Kata Judge ‘B’ from Dale Gamble EKF Chief Referee

Jan 2013 - EKF Kata Judge ‘A’ from Dale Gamble EKF Chief Referee

Oct 2012 - E.K.F. Kumite Referee ‘B’ from Dale Gamble EKF Chief Referee

Sept 2013 - EKF Kumite Referee ‘A’  from Dale Gamble BKF/EKF Chief Referee

May 2014 -  BKF Referee (Kata & Kumite) - GLASGOW   from Dale Gamble BKF/EKF Chief Referee

Nov 2014 -  Established a new Kofukan Karate club in Newark 

Feb 2015 - Achieved 4th dan Tani Ha Shito ryu under Shihan Naoki Omi 8th dan and Shihan Keiji Tomiyama 8th dan.


Clive Petty  NIDAN (2nd Dan Shito-ryu)


 Lawrence Petty  SHODAN (2nd Dan Shito-ryu)



PATRICK KEEGAN NIDAN (2nd Dan Shito-ryu 1st Dan Shotokan)

1999 Started training with ESA (Lincoln Shotokan) 

2003 Achieving Shotokan 1st Dan. 
          I also started training with and competing for the RAF and have since represented the Service both nationally and internationally.

2005 I started training Kofukan Shito-ryu with Sensei Pettit

2009 Achieved 2nd Dan Shito Ryu under the excellent tutelage of Sensei Pettit and Master K Tomiyama.

2011 Currently the Gold Medal in the Kumite at the RAF Championships held at RAF Cranwell Second in the Weapons and Third in the Kata event.

I also Captain the RAF Kumite Team and provide instruction and coaching.

I have experience as a judge and Referee at Club, Association, RAF and National Level (BUCS).

I also continue to train with Sensei Tracey Archer at Welton Club.