If you want to find out about Kofukan in another country you can contact their Secretariat by Clicking on there web address.

For any more information go to http://www.kofukankarate.com/index.php/contact

Kofukan International Web Sites

Kofukan Argentina             www.arteyculturaoriental.com
Kofukan Argentina           www.danielspinato.com

Kofukan Australia
- Kwinana                                    www.karatekwinana.com
- Roleystone                              www.karateroleystone.com.au

Kofukan Belarus              www.kofukankarate.by

Kofukan Botswanna    Botswana Karate Association

Kofukan Bulgaria             www.kofukanbulgaria.org

Kofukan Denmark              www.kofukan.dk/

Kofukan England              www.kofukan.org.uk

Kofukan France             www.kofukan.asso.fr

Kofukan India

Kofukan Japan

Kofukan New Zealand

Kofukan Norway            www.kofukan.no

Kofukan Portugal        www.kcf.pt

Kofukan Russia         www.ruskofukan.com

Kofukan Scotland 

Kofukan Slovenia         http://www.kofukan-slovenija.com/

Kofukan Sweden

Kofukan Switzerland    www.kofukan.ch

Kofukan Ukraine             http://shitoryu.kiev.ua

For any more information  go to   www.kofukankarate.com/index.php/contact